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Does your website deliver?

When it comes to your website, your students can teach you a lot

And not just your students… Whether your aim is advancement, alumni engagement, or helping faculty and staff do their jobs, your website audience holds the key. If you listen, they’ll tell you exactly what they want and need from your site. Our user-focused approach, backed by research and analytics, will help you build a site that works for all of them.

Is it time to rethink your website?

Is it time to rethink your website?
Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


UX Design

We’ll begin by researching what your users want your website to do for them. Then we’ll make sure that everything on your site helps them achieve those goals—layout, navigation, structure and content.


Content Strategy

Based on that UX research, we’ll help create audience-appropriate communications guidelines to help you maintain consistent language across your site We also audit your current content and web analytics to make sure none of your valuable content gets lost in the transition to your new website.


Web Development

We design sites in Drupal and Wordpress, two popular open-source platforms that give us (and you) flexibility and freedom. This choice also means you won’t be tied to one vendor after launch—or struggle to find specialized staff to maintain your site.


Ongoing Support

Once your website is launched, we’ll train your team members to keep it up to date. And in the future, when it’s time to redesign, we’d love to help. We’re proud to say we enjoy years-long relationships with our clients.

Recent Work

work / University of toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine

45 University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine websites

After we helped create the U of T Faculty of Medicine’s main website, the university asked us to refresh dozens of other website assets.

We created an initial site, then converted it into a Drupal distribution—a full copy containing everything needed to launch discrete, distinct websites.

A centralized Drupal distribution now runs on Pantheon.io, which enabled in-house teams to scale to more than 20 websites in under a year. Currently, there are 45 sites, each launched by a team of only two.

18 content types | 900+ nodes

work / University of Toronto Woodsworth College

University of Toronto Woodsworth College

Woodsworth College’s out-of-date website was connected to multiple microsites, each with its own look and feel and managed by different teams. This was confusing for users and created a security issue.

We audited existing sites and planned a new, unified information architecture. After testing and validating the proposed structure with users, we designed a single on-brand site.

The website launched to strong acclaim by the stakeholders and the Woodsworth Audience—and now helps content teams maintain the site without ever seeing any code.

Fixed a fragmented user experience | 250 pages

work / University of Toronto Founding College

University of Toronto Founding College

The University College’s existing website was not mobile-friendly, and the content was outdated.

We ran a series of tests with students to validate the structure and labels for the site. Then, creative workshops with the stakeholder teams allowed us to craft a visually distinct site that still looked like a U of T property. We also ran a writing workshop to standardize content.

The visually appealing website now gives nine different teams total control over their respective sections of the site.

Robust editorial controls | 150 pages

work / The University of Toronto Division of Advancement

The University of Toronto Division of Advancement

The U of T Division of Advancement needed a new alumni website that offered easy access to events, benefits, and services content for all alumni — while integrating with existing tools and an evolving brand.

Using our extensive expertise in user experience and user interface design, we built a dynamic, engaging, and visually attractive website that was easy to use.

The Division of Advancement received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the site — and since launch, visits have increased 400%.

Multiple content author workflows | 650+ pages

Why Foster Interactive?

Why Foster Interactive?


Our work is rooted in user experience research.

By learning what your audience wants, we can help your audiences tell you how to solve their problems. From students to alumni, everyone will get more from your site.


We create websites with freely available tools.

We work primarily with Drupal—the most extensible platform in the world. That provides greater flexibility to accomplish whatever you need.


You’ll always have access to our experts.

We’ll work hard to build trust and consensus among your stakeholders—then help you get the buy-in you need “up the chain.” Your goals are our goals.


We’ll help you navigate internal approvals.

Using our research data, we work hard to build trust and consensus among your team—then help you get buy-in from senior leadership. Your goals become ours over the long-term.


For us, a project never really ends.

We enjoy long relationships with our clients—an average of 5 years and counting. (And yes, we’re still working with all of them.)