Digital transformation

Who drives digital transformation? Your audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rebranding, making changes to your website portfolio, or redesigning because of shifts in your business. Foster Interactive can help you “come out the other side” with a site that accomplishes your goals while serving your visitors’ needs. Our user-focused approach—backed by research and analytics—virtually guarantees success.

Is it time to reevaluate your digital strategy?

Your digital strategy
Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


UX Design

We’ll start with research to determine what your users need from your site. Then we’ll help you make sure that everything you publish—graphics, layout, text, and other content—contributes to helping those users achieve their goals.


Content Strategy

Based on our UX research, we’ll help you plan your site structure so your users can accomplish their goals. We’ll also help you get a handle on all your content, so nothing valuable gets lost when you relaunch your site.


Web Development

We design exclusively in Drupal and WordPress, open-source platforms that offer our clients unrivalled freedom and flexibility. That means you won’t be tied down to one vendor or struggle to find specialized talent that can maintain an archaic CMS.


Ongoing Support

After your site is live, we’ll help skill up your content team to keep your new site at its best. And we’ll always be there if something goes wrong, with attention to detail and white-glove service. And when it’s time to redesign or revisit? We’d be happy to help.

Recent Work


Lifeworks (Formerly Morneaushepell)

Morneaushepell (now Lifeworks) had a website that was organized by internal groups, not customer needs — and a portfolio of 9 web properties that needed to be reconciled with each other.

Foster Interactive was asked to make more sense of the company’s online presence. After doing research, we created and tested a new site architecture. Then we implemented a wireframe and content strategy, working with more than 40 stakeholders to create 80 pages of critical content.

The new single site was received enthusiastically by stakeholders, senior management, and customers alike.

Multiple content author workflows | ~80 pages

Northleaf Capital

Northleaf Capital

Looking to move from a Canadian to a global player, Northleaf Capital launched a new brand.

Northleaf Capital has been a Foster Interactive client for more than 10 years. We are currently working with WorksDesign on the third version of Northleaf’s site.

The new site will be fully bilingual for visitors, and easy to edit and maintain for Northleaf. We also provided a content writing and accessibility workshop to help their team maintain the site on the foundation we created.

Bilingual site | Content and accessibility training

Why Foster Interactive?

Why Foster Interactive?


We’re all about user experience research.

By discovering what your audience wants, we enable your users to tell you how to solve their problems. That makes your website more successful from the minute it launches.


We use the most effective tools.

We work primarily with Drupal—the most extensible platform in the world—and build less-complex projects in WordPress. That keeps you from getting locked in with one vendor.


We don’t have a “B-Team.”

Unlike larger agencies, the team you meet at the start of your relationship with Foster will be your team for the duration of your website build.


We’re with you for the long haul.

Using our research data, we work hard to build trust and consensus among your team—then help you get buy-in from senior leadership. Your goals become ours.


We don’t “launch and leave.”

One of our clients has been with us for more than a decade, and our average engagement is five years and counting. (We’re still working with all of them.)